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Default Create Team Error

Hi Guys,

I get the feeling that this is probably a stupid question that has cropped up before, but I can't seem to find the answer.

A friend and I are currently running the GIMPS Prime95 software and wanted to team up and get some more friends on board, but every time I try to create a team I get the error message "Error adding new team [teamname]. Please try again later".

I tried using a variety of team IDs, team names, and other versions of other form entry field items, containing spaces, no spaces, no symbols, etc.

Nothing seems to be working. What have I missed?

Thanks for taking the time to read through this.

[edit by LaurV: I released the approval for the post, but I have not enough rights to move it to the right subforum, if a supermod see this, and then it may get an answer too (unfortunately I don't know the answer neither, I never created PrimeNet teams), sorry]

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It's probably just PrimeNet being flaky. It's a rather old server that doesn't work very well. The best advice is (unfortunately) just to try again later. Like tomorrow or the day after.
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I just tried and had no problems. You could PM the data you filled into the form and I could try to replicate the problem.
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Nov 2012
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I just tried again, three times, and on the third try it worked. Ah well, all good now.
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