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Exclamation List of GIMPS Teams

The following is a list of teams who have sent me information about themselves. If I get really motavated, I might go out looking for teams to list. But for now, I'll only list teams who have e-mailed or PMed me information

If you want your team on the list, PM me or send me an e-mail. Send me your team name, a url for a webpage describing your team, and if you want, a ten word or less description, and an e-mail address.

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Added a new team... Team Crash! (I hope that's not what happens to their computers when they run Prime95 ;) )

Also added recently (but I forgot to mention), Team Siegert, those evil-hatin' GIMPS'ters!
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Added a new team, the Offical Russian Team! here is a link to the thread they started:
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Old 2004-02-19, 11:29   #4
Feb 2004

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Should my team own a web site in order to enter the list???
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It would help to have one(if you want people off the net to join), but i dont think it is necessary.
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What about Prime Rib and the new Chinese team?
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I am the leader of Team StarQwest and I am currently looking for new members. Become part of the first team to test a number greater than M100,000,000 and the first team to attempt testing of a 100 million DIGIT number! It's free, its fun, and its interesting. All work is welcomed: factoring, double checking, LL testing, or LL testing of extreme exponents (such as M100,000,007 or M332,192,831). If you are interested, check out my website at and check out my Team StarQwest thread on the forum at Feel free to post comments on the Team StarQwest thread, or to introduce yourself if you join the team, as new members are greatly appreciated.

Team StarQwest is a young and active team, and I hope to build a well-known, top 100 team within the next couple of years.

Last fiddled with by StarQwest on 2007-05-10 at 02:26
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Default Anyone know who is "Canada"

In the list of teams?
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