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Default M7700...

Just for records:

M7700, L-Part, c282: P-1 with B1 = 1e9, B2 = 1e14, no factor found.

GMP-ECM 6.2 [powered by GMP 4.2.2] [ECM]
Input number is 159722121089478161935151975597817221328879126981740458056580240173157023840855331295646389662273776270817434844232147040536177070118128943878556790589750200007186455059123299059942783895002625571775357149605018405109711838435233314251806738683172496226856547597158248752445168445201 (282 digits)
Using B1=1000000000, B2=100120328558266, polynomial Dickson(30), sigma=3131523687
Step 1 took 51576234ms
Step 2 took 83364828ms
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How much ECM has been done on this number? It's not given on the progress page.
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