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Default Range reservation (Sierpinski to 100k): Completed

This is an experimental reservation thread for testing the k's by n range, instead of the usual one-k-at-a-time approach currently being followed.

Mission #1: Get all Sierpinski k's tested upto n=100,000.

Completed ranges:
Range         k/n pairs     Reserved by         Status
------------  ---------    --------------      --------------------
56k-60k.txt       610       masser              Done (No primes)
60k-65k.txt       566       konrad127123        Done (No primes)
65k-68k.txt       665       konrad127123        Done (No primes)
68k-70k.txt       538       axn1                Done (No primes)
70k-72k.txt       550       axn1                Done (No primes)
72k-74k.txt       505       axn1                Done (107216*5^73599+1)
74k-76k.txt       509       axn1                Done (131416*5^75582+1)
76k-78k.txt       446       axn1                Done (No primes)
78k-80k.txt       453       axn1                Done (No primes)
80k-81k.txt       371       geoff               Done (No primes)
81k-82k.txt       372       masser              Done (No primes)
82k-83k.txt       329       masser              Done (No primes)
83k-84k.txt       361       axn1                Done (No primes)
84k-85k.txt       378       axn1                Done (No primes)
85k-86k.txt       379       axn1                Done (No primes)
86k-87k.txt       349       axn1                Done (108074*5^86539+1)
87k-88k.txt       406       masser              Done (No primes)
88k-89k.txt       352       masser              Done (No primes)
89k-90k.txt       371       axn1                Done (No primes)
90k-91k.txt       361       axn1                Done (No primes)
91k-92k.txt       385       masser              Done (No primes)
92k-93k.txt       368       masser              Done (No primes)
93k-94k.txt       377       masser              Done (No primes)
94k-95k.txt       367       axn1                Done (No primes)
95k-96k.txt       394       axn1                Done (No primes)
96k-97k.txt       359       axn1                Done (No primes)
97k-98k.txt       392       axn1                Done (No primes)
98k-99k.txt       389       jasong/konrad127123 Done (No primes)
99k-100k.txt      368       konrad127123        Done (No primes)

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