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Default Backing up Prime95 files

I just wanted to contribute this batch file that I wrote to backup my Prime95 folder.
Put the batch file itself in the folder.
Put a shortcut on the destop and run it twice a day.
(Or automate the process to run at a particular time.)

Here's the batch file!

Best, Mark

@echo off

rem It is unsafe to copy backup or sync this folder, because it's live: files in this folder are being written!
rem Zip all files into a zip file in a different folder, which also saves space.
rem This zip file is not live & can be copied to CD, synchronized to Briefcase, etc.
cd \Prime95

rem I could use the WinZip command line add on but I already have pkzip for DOS.
rem Archive using extreme maximum compression (-exx).
rem The flags -xm??????? -xp??????? -xq??????? would exclude temp files;
rem other files appear briefly at the instant it is updating temp files.
rem This is a DOS program; it needs a DOS 8.3 filename:
\Download\PKWare\pkzip -exx MarkPr95 *.*

rem Give it a readable name & move to an archive folder replacing old file:
ren "Mark's"
move /y "Mark's" "\Download\Distributed computing"
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Of course you need to edit this or rewrite it for linux.
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