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Default running old version of mprime for speed?

Im running mprime 23.5 on my xbox (celeron 733mhz) and I thought maybe I'd upgrade to something newer or something faster.

so i ran the benchmark on all the version of mprime. I'll be working with 1792K FFT length.

Below 21b doesnt have a benchmark option?


Timing 10 iterations at 1792K FFT length. Best time: 527.895 ms.


Timing 10 iterations at 1792K FFT length. Best time: 529.130 ms.


Timing 10 iterations at 1792K FFT length. Best time: 535.243 ms.

23.9 and 24.6 both required glibc 2.3 (i run glibc 2.2.5)

I guess my question is I can't imagine 23.9 or 24.6 being any faster(at least not for a celeron) to justify installing the new glibc, is there any problems with running an older version of mprime like 21b ?

I realize that 8ms isnt that much, but when doing it 30+ million times it adds up to several days.
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Since it's a P3-celeron design, it may run faster if you disable SSE2 - put "CpuSupportsSSE2=0" in local.ini and see what happens.
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The Celeron with 733 MHz doesn't have SSE2 anyway...
AFAIK, version 24.6 was designed for Athlon CPUs and shows a slightly lower performance for P3-like CPUs (auch as your Celeron).

Concerning the legitimacy of 21b, I can't help, unfortunately.
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From whatsnew.txt:
New features in Version 23.5 of prime95.exe
3) Some prefetching improvements were made for the Athlon, Pentium 3, and Celeron 2 processors. You can expect speed improvements between 3% and 10% for most FFT sizes. Warning: the new code is slower for Durons and Celeron's with small L2 caches for FFT sizes 1024K and above.
21b contains version 21.4. You can read in the whatsnew what features you will be missing, but I guess that it would be OK.

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I think version 21 will work OK with one change. V21 tries to communicate with instead of If you put "EntropiaIP=" in a file called primenet.ini, then I think it will work OK.
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