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Default List of exponents which have already been factored?

Is there a list in progress showing all exponents which have been or are currently being factored? And for exponents which have already been factored, does Prime95 give a message that a particular exponent has already been factored?
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The database on PrimeNet does track known factors. It is too large to be included in the program Prime95. If you request to do a PRP on an exponent with a known factor, PrimeNet won't give you an assignment ID.

You can see the factors here:
Or if you want to see exponents that have no known factor :
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James of has all of them nicely zipped periodically, you can ask him nicely for a download link. I used to get all the zips from him in the past, for backup purposes, I have them somewhere, but not updated for a long time. The archives are "gigabytes" al together... (the exponents go to 10G, which is 10 times the GIMPS range).
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