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Default Manual submission of automatic assignment result


how can I report results of an LL double check done on a machine which had net link off when the calculation finished ? Is there a way to retry sending of the result with mprime or there's some page I did not find yet which allows manual submission ? Or maybe I should now manually reserve this exponent and then I will be given a form for submission ?


OK, I got it:

I think this url should be made more visible somewhere.

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Once you reconnect, let prime95 retry. Or
Advanced, Manual Communication, Send new expected completion dates to server.
[At least I think these should work]

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You can always e-mail the .spl file (or the relevant parts of the results file) to George:
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Thanks guys, but the URL I found already did the trick (this LL-D is now listed as a manual submission with untrusted status).

Before doing that I did copy the data from the other machine onto mine (into a separate folder I designated earlier for setup of the other machine) and rerun mprime with a hope for a retransmission, but I only got a new assignment.
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For my records - another useful link:
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