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Originally Posted by LaurV View Post
I don't think he means Misfit, I think he means GPU72, if you take your Colab instances' assignments from GPU72, and want (or don't want) to participate to the "Wayne" project, then you go here (you must be logged in to GPU72), click the preferred work for each instance, for both CPU and GPU, and in the new page that opens, click the drop box, and chose what fits you best.

Attachment 25674Attachment 25675Attachment 25676

If you use "Let GPU72 decide" or "DC Already done", then you are crunching for "Wayne" project (link provided above by himself).

I've always done "Let GPU72 decide" just because I don't know enough to know what changing it would do. I just let it go wherever it goes.
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I started up a couple of COLABs and got some P-1 work. As usual, my sessions terminate after an hour or so, and starting them up again just assigns me new work instead of picking up where the old one left one...which is fine.

Anyway. I have the following still assigned to me in GPU72, even though I switched them over to my PC to finish them off:

DC P-1: 23602933
LL P-1: 107680777
LL P-1: 107680823

These are done so if you want to release them feel free. Maybe it will work itself out on its own when it realizes the results have already been turned in.
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