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Originally Posted by E_tron
prime95 displays information about its operations almost like a log. How difficult would it be to add a mode were each entry begins with the time and data like the LL milestones do (if the feature doesnt exist already)?
This feature already exists... Look in either UNDOC or Readme.
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Looks like the new Intel chips coming out will all have single-cycle throughput on all SSE/SSE2 instructions. A speed increase?
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Default Possible Version 25 optimization resource for George

An apparently well known assembler language programmer posted some optimization observations about different AMD and Intel CPUs in the general forum earlier today. He provided the following link,, to his web site where he has published the results of testing. My quick scan of his web site convinced me that this is a resource that George will find useful.
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James Heinrich
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A (hopefully) trivial request for the next release: Benchmark currently shows LL for 512K-4096K and TF from 58-67 bits, but in practice FFTs up to 5120K and TF up to 71-bit are going to be used (up around 79M at least), so it would be useful to include those larger sizes in the benchmark (IMHO).
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"Jorge Coveiro"
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Default Quad-core

And support for quad-core processors? running LL test at 4 cores at same time? can you get it in a 27 version??!
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Default A (small) feature request

it will be useful to have THROTTLE working also for P-1.
Thanks, Pierpaolo
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Originally Posted by Prime95 View Post
Version 25

I know you've heard this before.....

Primenet 2.0 - new server software requires new client protocol. With the new server comes new work preferences - p-1 factoring, world-record LL testing, probably ECM. Server will track which clients are proven reliable and give them the lowest available exponents, probably some limited maintaining of program options with server web pages, user ids that are different than team ids. Communication with the server will be in its own thread.

This is still in its infancy. Lots left to do, no timetable yet.

Version 26

True multi-threading. One LL test running on two cores or one prime95 client running two LL tests in two different threads.
Noticed that part of Version 26 has already been implemented in the Sneak Peek of v25
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Originally Posted by ppo View Post
it will be useful to have THROTTLE working also for P-1.
Thanks, Pierpaolo

I agree.

I think throttling for trial factoring would be great also.

It's a big annoyance for me when I install prime95 on my girlfriend's computer and she doesn't want it to make the fan start whirring.

I had to be slick and got it to do P-1 and factoring while she was gone at work.
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Since Prime95 is already capable of testing exponents larger than 99,999,999, why not change the Time option under the Advanced menu to allow timing of exponents larger than 99,999,999?
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