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Default Life changes

This is my last day at ARM, where I have spent the last five or so years.

I'm not at all sure where I'm going next - this is a matter of detecting a certain degree of downwards motion and a certain scent of sulphur, and wanting to get out of the handcart. Or, alternatively, of noticing that all the sleekest and most competent rats were leaving the ship and thinking I might as well join them.

I have vague plans to do a one-year masters in aeronautic and satellite engineering (Oct 2019-Sep 2020) and look for work in that field, which would probably be in mainland Europe given my government's plan to disqualify itself for all projects that have reasonable funding sources.
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Be aware that Master's degrees in the sciences in mainland Europe are usually 2 years, so that is what employers here tend to expect.
Also, our tuition fees are much lower than in the UK (if you come from an EU country and have not already done a degree here)
and master's courses are often in English (as the key research language), so it may be worth considering doing your degree in mainland Europe, too, for example in Delft:
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As you already know I’ve been dismissed from my employer and therefore I’m trying to find a new position on research, not as an energy consultant, where I think I can apply my skills but I’m also open to new challenges. I’ve come to be with my parents for a week to get some inspiration from the Atlantic Ocean ( 27 degC at 9:00 GMT) and from them. After I return home we can meet so we can have a chat if you want. I also would like to speak with Paul since he is a wise guy who can help us guide to new endeavours.

Forwarding Nicks message I can also support you on guiding you for any master degree in Portugal where the fees are very low compared to U.K. ones. Also I have contacts at Delft in case you want some help.

Finally I can support you giving you a place to stay if you decide for Oxford.

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Tom, your help with porting my LL code to ARMv8 was much appreciated, so for selfish reasons I shall miss having 'insider access' there. Hopefully porting to the recently announced 256-bit vector architecture will be relatively straightforward. Do your allusions to sulfurous fumes have any bearing on the likely market success of that chip roadmap, or were your concerns more ARM-in-the-UK specific? [PM me if you prefer not to say anything publicly.]

Anyhow, all the best for adjusting to your post-ARM life and finding something new and rewarding!
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Basketry That Evening!
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Originally Posted by Nick View Post
Hey, my Opa got his bachelor's degree from there!

Originally Posted by ewmayer View Post
Do your allusions ... have any bearing on the likely market success of that chip roadmap, or were your concerns more ARM-in-the-UK specific? [PM me if you prefer not to say anything publicly.]
Count me among the curious, please. I maintain long term dreams for something to replace x86, and though that is surely a pipedream for now, I'm still interested in more details, if available.
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