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If I May
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Originally Posted by Xyzzy View Post
Closer pictures of the wires in front of our HQ:
Thanks for taking the time to collect the empirical data for your particular deployment, Mike.

The taller of the two poles is carrying both T&D. The use of the Static Line above the three phases for the T is something that makes a *great* deal of sense. Please note the ground tap running down the pole from the Static Line. I imagine this happens at every pole.

The shorter pole is Distribution only, and taps off (with breakers) down to underground conduits. This is good -- try to go underground as much as you can. It is much more expensive per meter, but it is worth it when storm survivability comes into the calculus.

Lastly, note that the Static Line for the Distribution comes in from the left of your image, is again grounded, but then stops there. As in, three phases continue onto the right, without the Static Line.

Oh... Another thing interesting here... There are no Telephony Cables. Fiber nor (Gods forbid) copper pairs. This is a very good thing.

Thoughts from others who actually know what they're doing would be appreciated.

Thanks, everyone. This is helped me be better prepared for a small project I'm working on.
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Originally Posted by Dr Sardonicus View Post
Holy-moly! That pole got snapped off way up! Just below the lowest wire, it looks like. Must have been some car!

The static line surely helped keep the top of the pole in place. The fact that the severed pole stayed suspended in mid-air is proof that the lines are quite strong, and securely fastened to the pole.
I was very grateful for the strength of the wiring (really steel-reinforced for strength, copper cable carrying the current) and adjacent poles when driving in rural Colorado decades ago, as a pole snapped off near but above ground level in high wind and in the same motion bounded from the left right of way edge into the right lane I was driving in, and back again to the left ditch just before I reached that point at highway speed, as it was too close to react & stop from snap to impact otherwise. The ~200mm wood chips generated from the break blew completely across into the right ditch, so the road was completely clear again as I passed through the vertical plane of bound and rebound. Made no impression on my car, but a big one on me. In a car with only lap belts retrofitted, no air bags offered in those days, a pole to the windshield and head collision could have been fatal. Small timing differences can make a huge difference.

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I would be remiss if I didn't remind readers of this thread of this post...
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Dr Sardonicus
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Default I'm leaving power line work to the professionals!

Originally Posted by chalsall View Post
Very few appreciate just how hard the Lineman (Line-persons?) work. Dealing with something invisible that could kill them instantly if they don't do everything ***exactly*** correctly every time they work with it.
The following story was published 21 June 2019. Apparently a man's dogs bringing home an unusual souvenir is what led to its being brought to light.

Sheriff: Alabama man who died was trying to steal power
Anniston, Ala. (AP) - Sheriff's officials in Alabama say they discovered the decomposing body of a man who was trying to steal electricity to power his home.

The Calhoun County Sheriff's Office found the body on Friday at the bottom of a power pole at the home near Anniston in northeastern Alabama. Sheriff's officials searched the area after receiving a report of a human skull in the front yard of another home about a quarter mile away.

They identified the victim as Randall Stephens and said Stephens had been released from jail in May.

There was a ladder next to the power pole and a belt and jumper cables at the top of it. The sheriff's office said an investigation determined Stephens was trying to steal power by jumping the power lines.
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