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Is there some way for prime95 to keep cumulative stats of how long the program has been running. Maybe something that would write total time run to results.txt everytime it makes a save file. I don't think there's an undocumented option for that, and I don't how to tinker with source code to make it do it. This would help me out so I could do my own statistics project on how much idle computer time is normally wasted. I know project has been done many times, but if I do it myself it gives me an excuse to run GIMPS on my school's computer lab. [drool] 30+ 1.8 GHZ P4's [/drool] I don't wanna force this on anyone, but it sure would help me out. Even if my school won't support me :( I'll still use it on my personal computers to test efficiency. If it seems too difficult or time consuming, mention it and I'm sure I can find a different way to turn GIMPS into a research project.
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Prime Monster
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On UNIX - GNU/Linux you can get accumulated cpu-time for a process. I do not know about windows though
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Taskmgr on NT/2k/XP can tell you how many CPU seconds since the process started. XP shows even more stats than the previous versions. :)
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I think taskInfo does that as well for any windows version.
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