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Default k-tuples

We are still not satisfied regarding k-tuples.

A expression m*n + o + p

where m is multiplier
n is test number
o is offset and
p is pattern.

For example for the pattern [0, 2, 6]

we want to enumerate the first few numbers.

We require that n is a positive integer.

and p is an element in the set [0,2,6]


prime quads
(Greetings from The On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences!)

A007530 Prime quadruples: numbers k such that k, k+2, k+6, k+8 are all prime.
(Formerly M3816) +30

5, 11, 101, 191, 821, 1481, 1871, 2081, 3251, 3461, 5651, 9431, 13001, 15641, 15731,

I introduce my new terminology and element p is a member of the set P.
That makes me feel much better. See you tomorrow.



PS See wikipedia
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