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Thumbs up VSNET2003Trial

You can still build executable programs with VSNET2003 trial cd, after it's 60 day license has expired.
Enter this non-trademarkable, non-copyrightable(base 36) number.


It will accept this number
Upon loading it will say "invalid key etc".
Click on the IDE, and it will be brought to front.
You are entitled to use the IDE, as it says exactly:
Save: "This command not available until you renew your license."
Other commands are available without a renewal of your license.
The license agreement applies to THE full product.("""software""")
The creators intended this, otherwise it would say it directly.
You may not use any commands under the license agreement etc.

There are easy workarounds for most of these missing features. To save your project have to close out the ide. To delete text you have to use the menu, or insert space over text. To insert line{enter}, you use the clipboard outside of the project, and in the IDE menu it still allows you to cycle text in.
You also have to make a new properties window, or have one previously made/saved.
I actually found that when rebuilding the same exact project, with the same PC, and Os that the semi-disabled build catches errors that are not caught with the full product installed.
I had a double If, end if statement problem.
During debugging(full) sometimes the flow was going through the wrong If,end if, since I had given it the same conditions, under multiple avenues. The result was sporatic behaviour, where the code near the area was affected. I could not figure out why, since it was building fine. The eventual fix was a sub procedure.

I strongly recommend using this as a final method before releasing executables. You can actually do just about anything by working around all the convinent features(buggy) included with the full product, though things are as bit slower to adjust to.

In fact, I am much more willing to buy the product, after seeing it from this standpoint. It gives you a chance to apprieciate the convinience of it all!

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Post xtra

Just a few more pointers along the way.

A. Order both DVD, and CD versions of the 60 day trial.
This is so you can use the pre-requisite CD, and install all pre-requisites.
If you do not, the DVD just installs nessesary components.
The DVD is usefull to keep on file, as one single install package, ie setup will not work on file with CD1, an CD2.

B. Install (fresh) windows and then, service packs after you install VSNET2003 first.
Especially win2000 sp3, and sp4.

C. Install all components(custom) from the DVD, and all the MSDN libraries.

D. Install all ComponentOne software, that is in a folder on DVD.

E. If you are trying to compile for small devices, be sure to add a reference for that.

F. Get ahold of the Vb resource kit cd, and knowledge pack. Sieve through these with a fine tooth comb.

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Default keywords

Here are some things to look into, when developing with VSNET2003.

End of dll hell
Object bloat(circular referencing)
String builder function
Integer types(have changed below)

On 32 bit systems, 32 bit operations are the fastest, when migrating to .net.
So, this means signed integers are the most effecient overall.
16bit integer = short System.Int16
32bit long = integer System.Int32
64bit none = long System.Int64

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Post VSNETPatch

I have almost completed the patch application, that makes non-functional features available. I have had some bugs along the way, and I'm sure there are unforeseen ones to come. But I am confident in the reliability of all the main features, that allow quick development.
I realize this is somewhat childs play, but It's also a great way to learn the properties of the different controls. Also since it's a seperate application, it tends to be less bugy, than it's microsoft counterpart.

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