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Originally posted by NickGlover
Many of my exponents came from doing the same thing you are doing in this thread. I noticed lots available double-checks that were originally released as first-time tests because the original test had lots of errors. I did comparisons of the proper files to figure out which ones were sitting on the server unassigned and then I put them in my worktodo.ini to get them assigned to me. Most of the ones I have were originally rereleased by George on Sep-17-02 and were changed into double-checks by the Nov-18-02 database synch.
I did nothing so elegant (translate: time-consuming) - I simply brute-forced it. I was interested in a particular range (10850000-11150000), so I just queued up every entry from HRF3.TXT in this range into a worktodo.ini, then contacted the server. It unassigned everything that wasn't available, and assigned to me everything that was. When it was done I had the 8 exponents in this range that were available. 10962089 is the only one still unfinished.

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