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Oct 2002

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Default "Crickets"

On two computers (one PIII-900 Thinkpad T22a one Celeron 433 motherboard), I can hear audible "chirping" when Prime95 is running. Sounds like a cricket at about 2-3 cycles per second! Does anyone else have this? What causes it? Is it just thermal action in the CPU die in the Intel? My Athlon (Duron) makes no such sound (that I can hear).

I'm almost about to quit Prime95 from those computers for the noise. It is annoying. I can usually tune it out, but I wonder if anyone has settings to fix or reduce it. Run the algoritm in a less optimal way? I haven't experimented much but was wondering if anyone else saw it?
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Oct 2002

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Default Through SOUND CARD

I just verified on one machine it is the SOUND CARD that gets the "cricket" sound, so maybe it is just EMI?

But on the laptop, I could swear it happened even when muted. Unless the mute occurs upstream of the aplifier getting the EMI.

Anyway, am I the only one?
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Oct 2002
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That's odd - I've never heard anything like that out of any of the machines I have running Prime95 or mprime - though most of those machines don't have sound cards....
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Aug 2002

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I get a faint beep every so often from one of my machines. Haven't ben able to track down which one it is though.

Could come from the PC speaker and not a sound card.
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Aug 2002
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Take a look at:

I don't see any explanation, or a solution, but thought you'd like to know you're not alone ;)
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I used to get that on my P3 450. No one else in my family could here it though :(. I don't hear it on my P4 (but it has too many fans). After I installed Linux on my P3 I can't hear it anymore. It was coming from the case, not the speakers (so it might have been the internal speaker).

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Maybe it is one of these?
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remaker wrote:

I can hear audible "chirping" when Prime95 is running. Sounds like a cricket at about 2-3 cycles per second!
A couple of months ago, I had exactly the same situation on an old P90 desktop running a DC. I never found out precisely where it was coming from, but I think it was from the internal speaker. The noise was pretty well synchronized with the iterations (roughly 1.2 secs per iteration). The interesting point was when I switched the machine to TF work: the noise just went away! It is now 7 or 8 months since it is doing TF, and the noise never came back again. As Lucas-Lehmer testing puts more stress on the CPU / memory circuitry than TFing, I actually suspect that it is some RF coupling the responsible for the noise, when the system is under high loads.
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