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Ah, kay. Thanks.

It looks good now for my private server. ;)
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Originally Posted by em99010pepe View Post
Here's another simple way to install llrnet on 2, 4 and 8 cores machine.
The default server is on port 5000. To change the port just edit llr-clientconfig.txt for all cores and look for the server location. Another thing you need to edit is your nickname, please look for the line username = "TeamName_nickname".
Extract the zip, for 2 and 4, versions and unrar for the 8 version. To run the client you just need to run llrnet.exe respectively for each core.

Links to download: (kar_bon: links unavailable)

<> (Core duo windows)
<> (Quad-core windows)
<> (Octo part 1 windows)
<> (Octo part 2 windows)

All clients will run in the system tray. If you right click on the icon and if you choose "New GUI Window" you will get remotely control of all cores and see their progress.


There is a link to the above post in the 1st post of our "Come join us" thread but the above links do not work. Can you see about getting that corrected or remove the link to the post above in that thread?

FYI, the post is #12 in this thread and is here.


Last fiddled with by kar_bon on 2011-11-04 at 21:51 Reason: links unavailable
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I have updated the first two posts in this thread. They assume that everyone is using the latest version of LLRnet created by Karsten and shown here.
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