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Jan 2005

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Default clean removal of a machine from GIMPS

I was wondering, what is the cleanest way to remove a machine from the project in order to avoid reserving an exponent and not doing it?

Is it enough to set the "work reserved for x time" option to zero days? This is my guess, but I am not sure if after reporting the last result to primenet a new exponent will be requested by the machine or not.

I have several machines running Prime95 and mprime at the moment but I may have to take one out of the project soon and I dont want to have an exponent reserved for months without doing it. Someone else could have fun with it in the meantime
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You can use the Manual Test Exponents Release page:

Manual Test Exponents Release

Your computer will be automatically removed if it has no other exponents assigned.
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Use the "Quit GIMPS" option, under "Advanced Menu". The unfinished work in that machine will be returned to the server and hence will become available to any user. Let the machine finish the work it is currently doing, and shortly after it finishes use the option. In this way, only a small amount of work will be lost
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Just use the Quit GIMPS option. It will ask if you want to complete your currently assigned work and when you say no, it will automatically unreserve all exponents.
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Jan 2005

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thanks everyone!
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