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Aug 2002

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Exclamation Ask Curtis Cooper!

Professor Cooper has agreed to answer a few questions for the forum.

Please post your questions here in this thread.

One of our beloved Super Mods will be tasked with selecting the best questions from the list to send to him to be answered.

We plan to send the questions next week, so act today!

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Sep 2002
Database er0rr

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What is the slowest computer you currently run GIMPS on?
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Feb 2012

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Where is your favorite place to go on a weekday afternoon when you have no plans or obligations?
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Aug 2010

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If you could go back to early 2005, which would you choose:

Option 1: Get $100,000, participate in GIMPS, but don't find any mersenne primes.
Option 2: Find 4 mersenne primes (just like now) but don't earn a cash prize for any of them.

Assume that no other options exist, so you can't get $50,000 and only discover 2 MP's.

Last fiddled with by MooMoo2 on 2016-02-27 at 01:39
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"Matthew Anderson"
Dec 2010
Oregon, USA

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Hello Curtis Cooper and all

Do you think that prime numbers 'grow' like weeds?

I'm aware of the book by Hawking that is titled something like - God gave us the integers.

(That does not imply that the integers were made by man.)



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"Victor de Hollander"
Aug 2011
the Netherlands

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How many computers do you have working on GIMPS?
Are they working 24/7?
Do you have a favourite CPU (i.e. Intel 8088, Pentium, Core2Duo, Core i3/i5/i7 etc.)?
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Aug 2003
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What has the estimated cost for finding each prime been for the University?
Is the school management explicitly aware of the costs?
Do you foresee a day when UCM ties with UCLA for MP's found? What is your estimate for when that will be?
Do you only run Prime95, or do you also run Mprime, MLucas, or any GPU based programs?
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Jun 2003

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Supposing there was no GIMPS, what other current DC project(s) would you be crunching (doesn't have to be math-related)?
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"Ram Shanker"
May 2015

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Don't you think A NEW ALGORITHM is long over due? Anything people have been working recently?
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Aug 2002
Team Italia

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Any plans to join us at FermatSearch ( ) ?
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Oct 2015

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What's the best maths joke you know that everyone would appreciate?

What's the best maths joke you know that only mathematicians, physicists, and engineers would appreciate?
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