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No, this should be done in the k-value pages or the CRUS pages if available so that page for smallest n-values could take those n-values from there automatically.
I'm currently working on other topics and I think Gary is not willing to keep CRUS pages current in the Wiki, so no: I'm not willing to create those pages for every base of my own.
Same procedure should be done for all Williams primes pages, but no time to do so yet.
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Post Williams Primes base 3

I created a page for 10*3^n+1 so that Williams PP9 primes could be reused from there.

There are also two new entries for these form of primes found by Ryan. They are included in the 10*3^n+1 page. I don't know if he is searching only even n values (Williams Primes) or odd n values as well.

Thanks, I've corrected/extended those pages a little.

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Also, you can create page "Generalized Riesel prime 10 99" and "Generalized Proth prime 10 99" to make lists for "Williams prime MM 100" and "Williams primes MP 100"

Also, you can reuse the "Riesel prime 255", "Riesel prime 511", "Riesel prime 1023", and "Riesel prime 2047" for "Williams prime MM 256", "Williams prime MM 512", "Williams prime MM 1024", and "Williams prime MM 2048", currently, all power-of-2 bases for the other three types of Williams primes are in the list, but for the "MM" type, only power-of-2 bases <= 128 are currently in the list.

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Originally Posted by kar_bon View Post
So far supported numbers/primes formats with some data:

- Mersenne primes M1-M51
- Riesel primes k•2n-1
- Genneral Riesel primes k•bn-1 (Example: 1396•5^n-1)
- Proth primes k•2n+1
- Genneral Proth primes k•bn+1 (Example: 6436•5^n+1)
- Carol/Kynea primes (bn±1)2-2
- (generalized) Williams primes (b±1)•bn±1
- (generalized) Woodall primes n•bn-1
- (generalized) Cullen primes n•bn+1
- Leyland numbers: x^y+y^x and x^y-y^x

(generalized) near-Woodall primes (n±1)•bn-1

(generalized) near-Cullen primes (n±1)•bn+1

(generalized) hyper-Woodall primes x^y•y^x-1

(generalized) hyper-Cullen primes x^y•y^x+1

(generalized) near-hyper-Woodall primes (x^y±1)•y^x-1

(generalized) near-hyper-Cullen primes (x^y±1)•y^x+1

(generalized) dual Williams primes bn±(b±1)

(generalized) dual Woodall primes bn-n

(generalized) dual Cullen primes bn+n

(generalized) dual near-Woodall primes bn-(n±1)

(generalized) dual near-Cullen primes bn+(n±1)

(generalized) Fermat primes b^(2^n)+1 (with even b)

(generalized) half-Fermat primes (b^(2^n)+1)/2 (with odd b)

(generalized) half-Carol/Kynea primes ((bn±1)2-2)/2 (with odd b)

(generalized) repunit primes (b^p-1)/(b-1)

(generalized) nega-repunit primes (b^p+1)/(b+1)

factorial primes n!±1

primorial primes p#±1

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