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Jun 2005

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The factors are imported manually, right? If I look at this page

The user Primegrid is climbing the stats every now and then, but not continuously.
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Dec 2006

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Originally Posted by hhh View Post
The factors are imported manually
Automated, but only once a day.
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Nov 2006

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Actually, it's manual, but I hope to have automated script this weekend.
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Aug 2007
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Here's the site where you can follow the progress of how much PrimeGrid is pumping out for us.
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Just took a glance at Bok's stats for psp sieve. All I can say is wow! Primegrid is at 263,000 already today. I've been watching it the last several days, and it is picking up steam. I don't imagine that it is going to be much longer and it will be shooting way past the total of what the "manual" system is capable of doing. At the rate it's growing, they should be doubling that within a week if the trend continues... quite impressive, both for psp but also for sob too.

Once the LLR gets on the boinc platform, that should significantly increase the odds on finding another prime!
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With the success of the bionic, I hope we have all ranges upto 2P reserved is this correct???
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Feb 2007

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Originally Posted by mazadillon View Post
The user PrimeGrid has reserved a whole load of ranges reserved on the reservation system (for combined SB and PSP sieving) see it here.
Quite a bit more than up to 2P actually.
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A Sunny Moo
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Aug 2007

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Originally Posted by KriZp View Post
Quite a bit more than up to 2P actually.
In fact, it goes all the way up to 9.9P (with a few holes in between).

It currently has reserved the following continuous blocks (some of which span several separate reservations), according to its page on the reservation system:
-A continuous block from 1.5-1.7P (total 0.2P)
-A continuous block from 1.82-2P (total 0.18P)
-A continuous block from 2.001-4.503P (total 2.502P)
-A continuous block from 4.504-4.506P (total 0.002P)
-A continuous block from 4.507-9.007P (total 4.5P)
-A continuous block from 9.008 to 9.99999P (total 0.99199P)

It appears that the spaces between those continous blocks are open--which leaves me to wonder why PrimeGrid would leave such spaces in between their reservation blocks. Why not simply reserve one block from where the previous one left off, rather than leaving confusing holes in between? Or, were those "holes" reserved by someone else at a prior time?
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So what are the plans for the manual system that we are working on here? Is it going the way of the dodo bird? If so, at what point? While I'm happy that the boinc crowd gets to play with PSP/SOB, I'm sure hoping that it doesn't replace the non-boinc portion.
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Dec 2004

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I'm sure we can reserve some portions for manual reservations.
I think the point at this time is to see how far Bionic gets, it's possible that Bionic could finish all their range before we even finish what we have <1.5T.

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Joe O
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Aug 2002

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There are three reservation systems.
Manual reservation system goes up to 120T.
Automated system goes from 120T to 150T.
BOINC goes from 150T to the limit of SR2sieve.
when you finish everything here up to 120T, just go over to the Automated system and keep on going. The only thing that will change is the manner of reserving ranges. But everything must be done with the combined dat. You've already reserved all the non combined ranges.
When the Automated system gets to 150T, we will revisit things.
There are no gaps. If you look at the automated system carefully, all the "so called" gaps have been previously completed.
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