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Default Need help with few problems

need help with few problems

1: I have 2 DDR 1 RAM modules: 1 is 256 MB module and the 2nd is 512 MB module.They both have a bus spped of 400 MHZ.But when i use them together,they system memory speed is shown at 333 MHZ.When i operate them separatly,they both show 400 MHz memory speed.Why the memory speed is shown less than 400 when i use them together.Also before start i get a beep and a message tellong me that both RAMs are different in amount.Also it shows that total memory is 766 MB but available physical memory is 570-something MB.Why is there so much difference between this total and physical memory.

2: When i boot,In the start i get a message with beep,other than RAM one.It says about HD.It is "S.M.A.R.T" status bad,backup and replace.Now i have two HDs,which HD is it referring to and what does that message means.One HD is Seagate 80 GB and the other is Western Digital 80 GB.WD hard disk is the primary one and on which OS(windows XP) is installed.

3: I can't seem to run notepad and few other files.When i double click them,nothing happens and the program doesn't load.WordPAd runs fine but notepad doesn't run.

I have D915 GAVL and P-4 3.0 GHz.
Can someone help me with these problems.
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Possible answers:
1(a): While the bus speed is the same (400 MHz) the sub-timings (CAS, etc.) may be different, and the BIOS can't find settings that will work for both modules at 400MHz, so it drops down to 333.
1(b): The onboard video is uses main memory, which would explain the size discrepancy. IIRC, the max reserved for video on that board is 224MB, so 768-224=544 MB. The amount of video memory reserved can vary, so your 570MB available is not out of line.

2. The SMART error should say which HD is giving the message; HDD0 or HDD1 (or possibly HDD1 or HDD2). Simple way to check is to pull the power cable on one of the drives and see if you still get the message. I wouldn't ignore the message, as SMART errors generally indicate serious errors - I immediately replace any drive giving such errors.

3. Probably related to the SMART error; the files cannot be completely loaded. Failed hard drive sounds likely.

Your computer would be much happier with matched memory modules so it can run the memory in dual channel mode at full speed. It is also probably reserving too much video ram; I'd suggest 64MB as a starting point.
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