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Default P95v238 - anyone else notice the new version Dated February 17, 2004.

New features in Version 23.8 of prime95.exe

1) A communication bug, Primenet Error 1, was fixed in the case where
proxy software inserted the text "NetAnts: MaxConnection=1" in the HTML
response from the Primenet server.
2) Fixed memory allocation bug in torture test when using 926MB of memory
on the 20K FFT size.
3) The program will now try both full and a relative URL in trying to
contact the PrimeNet server. Some rare setups only work with full URLs
and some only work with relative URLs. The small downside is there might
be an increase in network traffic when the server is down. If this is
a concern you can use the UseFullURL option described in undoc.txt.

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Strange. When I try to upgrade to this version, it stops working on my current exponent and requests a new one.
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