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Originally Posted by VBCurtis View Post
Pretty sure Seth open-sourced his code for that page. He's still active on the forum, maybe PM him and he's likely to help you set up the web-page monitor.
Thanks for remembering me. The code is used it at
It also used a simple driver script to pull over ssh/scp the db file which looked something like this

cd "/home/eights/Projects/Factoring"
sshpass -p '<PASSWORD>' rsync -v <USERNAME>@<MACHINENAME>:/<PATH>/2_1165sieve3/${number}.{db,log} .

dated_db="${number}.$(date +%F).db"
echo "Testing for ${dated_db}"
#if [[ ! -f "${dated_db}" ]]; then
#  echo
#  echo "Backing up ${db} to ${dated_db}"
#  rsync --info=progress2 -v "${db}" "${dated_db}"

./ -n "$number" -g 7.0e7 \
    -s "db:sqlite3:$number.db" -l "$number.log" \
    --banner '<a href="">Poly select and CADO sieving for 2,1165+ C217</a>' \
    --min-workunits 5 \
    --host-startswith "localhost,DESKTOP,R5"
#    --client-joined "fivemack:birch:barley:butternut:oak:pineapple:pumpkin" \
the CADO team was willing to merged this but it needs to be tested on a MySQL system which I failed to find time to do that (if someone had such a system I would be grateful for the opportunity to test on it briefly).
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