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Originally Posted by LaurV View Post
Wow! it works! You (two) are my heroes for this weekend!
Great! We are glad it works for you.

Originally Posted by LaurV View Post
Albeit a little bit too complicate, first it didn't work, as I had the "CPU and GPU" output (sure! I want to see what BOTH of them are doing!), then I looked in the code and seen that you use the "-k" switch only when the output is "GPU Only"
Yes, sorry, I guess I should have mentioned that. I did not realize anyone was using the "GPU and CPU" output type, as it is very verbose. I added it shortly before we officially announced the notebooks, as I saw it was requested a few times on the main Colab thread and it was easy to implement. When using that option, both CUDALucas and MPrime are run in the background, while the tail -f command is run the foreground, so there is no easy way to pass input to CUDALucas.

I updated our PrimeNet script on Saturday to support still getting first time LL tests using the method described by @Prime95 above, so that users can still use CUDALucas while we work on upgrading our GPU notebook to use GpuOwl. (@LaurV - You will no longer have to do this manually. ) Anyone who wants to continue doing first time LL tests on the GPU would need to reset up their GPU notebooks after they finish any current assignments. I also included many of the changes needed for our PrimeNet script to support GpuOwl, including adding support for reporting LL/PRP and P-1 results. Going forward we decided we are going to recommend users do PRP tests, which will be the default, although we will still provide the option of doing LL tests on the GPU for users with very limited Drive space, as explained above. Prime95/MPrime of course has its PrimeNet functionality builtin, so unfortunately there is not much we can do about the CPU for users with limited Drive space. Those users will need to do LL DC tests on the CPU, although as George said, there is "a chance that a new Mersenne prime is hidden in all those double-checks".
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