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Default Trial factoring/P-1 torture test?

I have an overclocked Athlon 64 3000+ that was stable when running the torture test. However, when it started working on P-1 for an exponent, it quickly reported an error. Indeed, watching the temperatures, the P-1 made the CPU 2 degrees hotter.

Is it possible that in certain architectures, P-1 or trial factoring will produce the most stressful conditions? Should torture test include P-1 or trial factoring as an option?
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Originally Posted by cmokruhl
Is it possible that in certain architectures, P-1 or trial factoring
Let me clarify something: P-1 factoring computations are very similar to L-L test computations, both of them mostly using FFT multiplication which runs megabytes of data back-and-forth, back-and-forth. But trial factoring computation has a different balance of operations, which mostly spins a smaller amount of data almost entirely within L1 cache, putting less stress on memory and data buses.
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P-1 stage 1 is similar to the in-place FFT torture test.
P-1 stage 2 is similar to the blend torture test.
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