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Default MacOS X clients and PrimeNet

Hello everyone,

here's yet another newbie question. Is there a PrimeNet client available for MacOS X? A friend of mine who's running OS X mentioned to me that he does not "believe PrimeNet allows connection to their server from OS X machines" and thus reserved the exponent he's currently working on by email.

I'm not sure which client he is using; I assume it's either Glucas or Mlucas, though.

So... is it possible for MacOS X users to utilize PrimeNet at all? And if yes, what needs to be done for that?

Thanks a bunch, everyone. ^_^

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Prime Monster
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Neither Glucas nor Mlucas can use PrimeNet...

Instead, we use this:
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Default Another confused Mac User

I'm alsoconfused. I went to this link:

I registered but found no means by which to obtain an "assignment".

Also, the text specifically states that "Prime95, NTPrime, MPrime, PrimeOS2, mprime_FreeBSD v16 or v18.1 or later is required." I'd intended to run Glucas.

Suggestions would be welcome! I have a G4/450 mHz with 704 mbytes of RAM if that makes any difference....


Martin Wessendorf
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Default MacOSX Help


I have a G4 PowerBook running OS 10.3.8. Can sb help me getting started? What do I have to download and how should I install it to start looking for prime numbers?

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You have 2 choices:

GLucas (click here )


MLucas (click here )

There are some Mac specific compiled version of MLucas
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Default MacOSX: GLucas vs. MLucas


Can sb tell me which one is better for MacOSX 10.3.8. I have a Powerbook G4 @ 1.5GHz with 512MB.

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I believe that Glucas is faster on a G4 and that Mlucas is faster on a G5. xlc on a G5 gives a much bigger speed for Mlucas than for Glucas. It shouldn't take long to benchmark the two on your PowerBook and see which is better.
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Originally Posted by Unregistered
I'm alsoconfused. I went to this link:

I registered but found no means by which to obtain an "assignment".
Just go to the IPS Manual Test Assignments Check Out link on the manual tests page.

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That link rarely works, try instead
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