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View Poll Results: What is your primary educational background?
0, I am not currently running gimps, there is no client for my PDA. 3 0.75%
1, I believe GIMPS is a good use of my time, but am not so in to it as a hobby. 21 5.24%
2-3, I have a small home network, or have my home and work machine on gimps. 23 5.74%
4-6, I have a small network at home/a few machines at work I admin. 22 5.49%
7-15, It is an obcession, true, but one I dreadfully enjoy. This is my mark on history. 14 3.49%
16+, I have the warmest apartment/have access to a large number of business or school-lab computers. My(coworkers/students) enjoy that they are making a difference and history. 20 4.99%
C 2 0.50%
D 6 1.50%
A 7 1.75%
B 3 0.75%
E 3 0.75%
F 3 0.75%
G 6 1.50%
H 1 0.25%
I 1 0.25%
Yes! Subforums are a great idea! 7 1.75%
No! I like thing the way they are! 12 2.99%
Yes! 8 2.00%
No! 10 2.49%
There are other projects? 5 1.25%
10 1 0.25%
20 1 0.25%
25 13 3.24%
50 9 2.24%
100 2 0.50%
All of them (!) 4 1.00%
Yes, I have a lot of junk^H^H^H^Hcool stuff to sell! 9 2.24%
No, it would just create a lot of problems! 16 3.99%
6 months 3 0.75%
1 year 18 4.49%
5 years 33 8.23%
10 years 4 1.00%
never 1 0.25%
~1x 1 0.25%
~4x 6 1.50%
~16x 9 2.24%
~64x 8 2.00%
>256x 8 2.00%
0. I only love GIMPS 16 3.99%
1. Mersenne primes don't provide instant gratification 12 2.99%
2-3. I'm interested in finding aliens and the cure for cancer. 6 1.50%
4-7. I have enough machines to go around. 1 0.25%
7-10. I'm obsessed with "distributed" everything. 3 0.75%
Mathematics 7 1.75%
Computer Science/Programming 10 2.49%
Engineering 8 2.00%
Physics 6 1.50%
Other 9 2.24%
Voters: 401. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 2002-12-27, 14:09   #1
eepiccolo's Avatar
Dec 2002
Frederick County, MD

5628 Posts
Default What is your primary educational background?

I have a degree in Electrical Engineering, but Mathematics has always fascinated me, and it seems to me that EE is one of the most Math intensive engineerings there are. It would be interesting to know what people’s different backgrounds are, and why they got involved in GIMPS.
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Old 2002-12-27, 17:51   #2
Paulie's Avatar
Aug 2002

223 Posts

Lane Technical High School, Chicago Illinois, Class of 1990. :)

I started doing GIMPS back in 1997 after the DES challange was done. I wanted another project and found it.
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Old 2002-12-27, 17:56   #3
dswanson's Avatar
Aug 2002

23×52 Posts

Undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering, graduate degree in Aerospace Engineering, 14 years in industry designing, building, and flying satellites.

Always had a fascination with prime numbers. In high school used to try to factor people's phone numbers into small prime factors. One of the few I found that factored into all primes greater than 10 and less than 100 was my girlfriend's (833-3974 = 31 * 41 * 79 * 83). Guess that's why I married her!
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Old 2002-12-27, 18:26   #4
Xyzzy's Avatar
Aug 2002

32·883 Posts

I dropped out of school a year early when I was in the seventh grade to go work in the coal mines... I used to always envy the guy who counted the coal cars because he had the best job, so I figured I would learn all I could about numbers since his job was all about counting... Anything would be better than the constant cave-ins and the ever-present threat of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease... Well anyways, I walked to the closest library which at that time was only 42 miles away and got some number books and I liked them so much I never returned them... Well, I actually asked the librarian about returning them and she said in lieu of the $385 overdue fee I could just give her a roll of Copenhagen and a carburettor for a 1956 Ford truck, but I think I'll keep the books... Anyways, last year our town got a 386 computer to measure and log radioactive emissions near our water tower and one day I was goofing around on it trying to find some roof sealer for our doublewide and a Dale Earnhardt commemorative toilet brush when I found Chris Caldwell's prime web site...
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Old 2002-12-27, 19:15   #5
eepiccolo's Avatar
Dec 2002
Frederick County, MD

2×5×37 Posts

That is a strange story, Xyzzy ;)
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Old 2002-12-28, 03:04   #6
QuintLeo's Avatar
Oct 2002
Lost in the hills of Iowa

26×7 Posts

Rose-Hulman dropout, was Math-Physics major. Yes, BOTH - 90% of the required courses were the same, or close to that - and the other courses mostly were usable as "required" electives to fill out the major requirement.

Had I not dropped out, though, I'd have switched to Comp-Sci major fairly quickly....
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Old 2002-12-28, 05:51   #7
cheesehead's Avatar
"Richard B. Woods"
Aug 2002
Wisconsin USA

170148 Posts

Didn't see a choice for "more than one of the above", so I just voted for the applicable one that needed the most help so far. :-)

(Hmmm ... guess I could re-register and vote for another choice ... but ... as R. M. Nixon observed, "It could be done, but it wouldn't be right.")
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Old 2002-12-28, 10:00   #8
Dec 2002

3·5 Posts


I must be one of the younger members of the Prime95 group judging by your posts.

Summer 2002 I finished my A-Levels. (IT, Maths with Stats, physics, Chemistry and General Studies). I had a place @ City University in London to study Actuarial Science but decided to enter the job market instead.

I have had an interest in "unique" numbers ever since I did an investigation into Pythagorean Triples a couple of years ago.

Joined Prime95 about a year ago with a 533 Celery; now have a P4 2533.
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Old 2002-12-28, 21:25   #9
battlemaxx's Avatar
Nov 2002

43 Posts

I was born to a family of poor sharecroppers down in wait, that was someone else...

Started out in engineering, ended up in telecomm, got my MSLS a few years ago. Getting a daily education nowadays from a couple of 2.5 year olds that know it all...
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