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Default Ancient notebook won't run Prime95

I have an ancient notebook gathering dust which I thought make a small contribution by doing some factoring work.

It an old Digital HiNote VP which has a Pentium MMX 166 MHz processor and running Windows 95.

I got Prime 95 to install and start up. It detects the processor correctly and I can successfully run a benchmark, but if I actually try to start factoring a number or run the Torture Test, it starts by displaying the lines

Mersenne number primality test program version 23.4
Starting factoring M24409481 to 2^67

Then it sits there for ever and does nothing.

Is Pentium MMX not a supported processor? Or is the problem deeper than that?

Anything I can do about it?
Or should I return the machine to service as a doorstop?
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Try going to the Options: Prefrences menu.
Change the setting for Iterations between screen outputs: to something like 10.

Go have a , eat a , and go back and look at the screen. You should see some progress. If not, the machine may be NG. Otherwise, it is working

I would suggest that you use the machine to help out the LMH crew, as the machine can be of better use there.
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Pablo the Duck
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Install Linux, preferably without X windows. (Slackware or Debian would be a good choice) and run mprime from a tty console.

You'd probably need to to connect to an internet gateway by ethernet though because it's a fair that any built in modem won't work under Linux.
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I have a P166 MMX desktop that used to do TF: to 2^66 took three weeks. I was fine with that. But now TF assignments are to 2^67... that box now makes a small contribution to LMH. It has also been demoted to print server.
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Well, in the end I didn't get round to trying either suggestion. While messing around with it, it crashed a couple of times, and after the 2nd reboot Prime95 magically started working. I'm not touching anything now and just hope it keeps going.

I guess it just feels cranky in its old age.
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