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Default What if meat beating problems are finally solved?

As many of you probably already know, there are scientists trying to figure out a way to clone meat that tastes like it actually comes from the original animal. The main problem is that, since it's not on an actual animal, it doesn't behave in the same way. So you mostly get this weird stuff with horrible texture in your mouth. But my question is more about what would happen if it actually worked.

For one thing, what about the people who say they won't eat anything that had a face? Well, with cloned meat, it was grown by extracting it from something with a face, but the original animal might not even have a scar where the first cells were extracted. So would these people be willing to try cloned meat, or would they still be hands off? Obviously, it'd be a different answer depending on the person. My brother doesn't care about animal rights, he doesn't eat meat because he doesn't like meat, so it might be a similar thing with other vegetarians. It's an acquired taste, like Chinese candy.(BLECH)

The other question I'm wondering about is a bit more out there. If you can eat animal meat without killing or harming the original animal, it probably wouldn't take much to extend it to human meat. Is cannabalism still immoral if the original human is alive and well? I can imagine someone having a revenge dinner where they clone their ex-boyfriend and eat the meat with a side of green beans and rolls.

The other thing is that it could also apply to animals that are protected from being hunted by law. How about some dolphin meat? Or what about dog and cat meat that doesn't require a dead dog or cat?

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We love animals. They are so tasty...
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Originally Posted by LaurV View Post
We love animals. They are so tasty...
In that case, you should join the society set up for folk like you: People for Eating Tasty Animals.
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Yeah., I knew about it
As Mrs LaurV herself could not convince me in 30 years (and you don't know how persuasive she is when she wants to!) to give up my occasionally piece of pork steak, no one in the world could do it.
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Ohhh, the poor, abused animals destined for only one reason: as food for people.
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Possible ad-slogan for a future chain of high-end cloned-meat restaurants:

"You can beat our prices, but you can't beat our meat."
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The slogan on a t-shirt that we bought for our friend Herb from Herb's Meat Market in Montauk, New York:

"You Can't Beat Herb's Meat!"

Herb wears it proudly....
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Yelp reviewers agree! Nobody beats Herb's meat! (4.5)

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