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Default Archived project section+ some other suggestions

Can we move 15k and some other finished projects into a archieved section. so there is less cluttering in the project section.

Then may be we can combine the factoring +prime section.

Projects of unknown status?

Also I think Operation Billion Digits and Lone Mersenne Hunters should be combined into one thread as they have similar theme.

Also should the Cunningham tables, factoring and the GMP-ECM threads be called projects? Are these really projects?

GMP-ECM and cunningham may be made sub parts of the factoring section, like they used to be.

What do you all think?
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I think OctoprothSearch is active project. Not sure for others.

Also, Operation Billion Digits and Lone Mersenne Hunters are different projects even they have similar theme.

In general I don't like subforums, so I like the fact that GMP-ECM and Cunningham tables have their own forums.

To me forum appearance right now is just fine. Splitting prime search projects from factoring projects was a great move.
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