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Originally Posted by Uncwilly View Post
The blue line is the 2-3 bits more than that that the average GPU should do. The green line is the 5 bits higher that Ken talked about.
Nitpicking, to be on the correct side, the green line is what an average GPU should do.

The blue line immediately under it, is what an average GPU should do when TF-ing at DC front, i.e. exponents that already had one LL or PRP test done.

The difference is exactly 1 bitlevel, from objective reasons: finding a factor will save 1 LL/PRP test in case of DC, but will save 2 tests in case of first-time LL/PRP (i.e. the exponents had no test done). So the amount of saved work is double at the FT front line, compared to DC front line, but on the other hand, there is a double amount of TF candidates between 2^n and 2^(n+1) compared to the amount of candidates between 2^(n-1) and 2^n, so the effort to go one bitlevel higher is double. Assuming the probability of finding a factor is the same at the two bitlevels (which is somehow true, in a reasonable range of error) then you should go 1 bitlevel higher with your TF when you TF at the FT front line.

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And, as PRP with proof and verification rolls out, the 2 tests vs 1 saved increasingly becomes 1 and a small fraction if no tests have been done yet.
A 97M PRP test is ~300+GhzD, but a CERT for one may be only 1.4GhzD at power 8.
Recent Gpuowl supports proof and verification; prime95 V30.1b1 supports proof and verification.
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