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Originally Posted by VBCurtis View Post
I didn't finish finding the multi-threaded crossover size, but I believe it's even lower. I'll see if I can finish those tests by this weekend and report back here.
On an otherwise-idle 12-core haswell Xeon chip, I tested a c93 that an aliquot sequence happened to spit out (first digit 2). YAFU-siqs on 12 threads took 228 seconds. CADO on 12 threads with default params took 336 seconds. CADO with my hand-tuned params took 226 seconds, though I admit I did a bit of tuning for this candidate specifically (that is, I optimized for 93 digits rather than using a best-for-95 digit setting to factor this c93).

Next, I compared siqs to CADO on the same machine with my typical workload in the background- 10 LLR processes. I ran 8-threaded, thus using mostly hyperthreads. This test was chosen not for scientific import, rather because that's what is usually running when I'm playing with Aliquot sequences so that's the meaningful crossover-point for my personal use.
Anyway, siqs took 517 sec, while CADO with the same params file as the above c93 took 418 seconds. I believe that if I spent some time on tuning a c90 params file, I could push the crossover down to 89 or 90 digits in this "real world" workload case.
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