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Smile Factors of Ms close to yummy M&Ms

The double mersenne MM89 =

In Will Edgingtons list of Mersenne factors I find that

has three known factors for

I didn't know that before. Does anybody know when and by whom those three factors were found? And maybe which program was used?

Anyway I think its very impressive!

Should have googled first, but now I have done it and found this post. And in this post we find a lot more of them!

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gp > a=1<<89-1000
%1 = 618970019642690137449561112
gp > while(1, if(isprime(a) && a%4==3 && isprime(b=a<<1+1),print(b" is a factor of M"a));a+=2)
1237940039285380274899124183 is a factor of M618970019642690137449562091
1237940039285380274899126343 is a factor of M618970019642690137449563171
1237940039285380274899134719 is a factor of M618970019642690137449567359
1237940039285380274899142519 is a factor of M618970019642690137449571259
1237940039285380274899142639 is a factor of M618970019642690137449571319
1237940039285380274899143119 is a factor of M618970019642690137449571559
1237940039285380274899152047 is a factor of M618970019642690137449576023
1237940039285380274899154999 is a factor of M618970019642690137449577499
1237940039285380274899155119 is a factor of M618970019642690137449577559
1237940039285380274899162967 is a factor of M618970019642690137449581483
1237940039285380274899180127 is a factor of M618970019642690137449590063
1237940039285380274899187423 is a factor of M618970019642690137449593711
1237940039285380274899194743 is a factor of M618970019642690137449597371
1237940039285380274899227959 is a factor of M618970019642690137449613979
1237940039285380274899250519 is a factor of M618970019642690137449625259
1237940039285380274899260047 is a factor of M618970019642690137449630023
1237940039285380274899293599 is a factor of M618970019642690137449646799
1237940039285380274899315823 is a factor of M618970019642690137449657911
1237940039285380274899343999 is a factor of M618970019642690137449671999
1237940039285380274899344119 is a factor of M618970019642690137449672059
1237940039285380274899349783 is a factor of M618970019642690137449674891
1237940039285380274899352399 is a factor of M618970019642690137449676199
1237940039285380274899356503 is a factor of M618970019642690137449678251
1237940039285380274899361639 is a factor of M618970019642690137449680819
1237940039285380274899386623 is a factor of M618970019642690137449693311
1237940039285380274899391927 is a factor of M618970019642690137449695963
1237940039285380274899394519 is a factor of M618970019642690137449697259
1237940039285380274899400783 is a factor of M618970019642690137449700391
1237940039285380274899402583 is a factor of M618970019642690137449701291
1237940039285380274899434143 is a factor of M618970019642690137449717071
1237940039285380274899437983 is a factor of M618970019642690137449718991
1237940039285380274899445087 is a factor of M618970019642690137449722543
1237940039285380274899461863 is a factor of M618970019642690137449730931
1237940039285380274899500503 is a factor of M618970019642690137449750251
1237940039285380274899506719 is a factor of M618970019642690137449753359
1237940039285380274899512287 is a factor of M618970019642690137449756143
1237940039285380274899541183 is a factor of M618970019642690137449770591
1237940039285380274899563983 is a factor of M618970019642690137449781991
1237940039285380274899571687 is a factor of M618970019642690137449785843
1237940039285380274899580639 is a factor of M618970019642690137449790319
1237940039285380274899599767 is a factor of M618970019642690137449799883
1237940039285380274899603343 is a factor of M618970019642690137449801671
1237940039285380274899625903 is a factor of M618970019642690137449812951
1237940039285380274899646519 is a factor of M618970019642690137449823259
1237940039285380274899660127 is a factor of M618970019642690137449830063
1237940039285380274899682423 is a factor of M618970019642690137449841211
1237940039285380274899683119 is a factor of M618970019642690137449841559
1237940039285380274899683263 is a factor of M618970019642690137449841631
1237940039285380274899687343 is a factor of M618970019642690137449843671
1237940039285380274899704263 is a factor of M618970019642690137449852131
1237940039285380274899722599 is a factor of M618970019642690137449861299
1237940039285380274899757543 is a factor of M618970019642690137449878771
1237940039285380274899780367 is a factor of M618970019642690137449890183
1237940039285380274899828847 is a factor of M618970019642690137449914423
1237940039285380274899845143 is a factor of M618970019642690137449922571
1237940039285380274899850303 is a factor of M618970019642690137449925151
1237940039285380274899850567 is a factor of M618970019642690137449925283
1237940039285380274899866263 is a factor of M618970019642690137449933131
1237940039285380274899870967 is a factor of M618970019642690137449935483
1237940039285380274899897223 is a factor of M618970019642690137449948611
1237940039285380274899917623 is a factor of M618970019642690137449958811
1237940039285380274899938599 is a factor of M618970019642690137449969299
1237940039285380274899958999 is a factor of M618970019642690137449979499
1237940039285380274899975247 is a factor of M618970019642690137449987623
1237940039285380274899979543 is a factor of M618970019642690137449989771
1237940039285380274899988183 is a factor of M618970019642690137449994091
1237940039285380274900018519 is a factor of M618970019642690137450009259
1237940039285380274900024663 is a factor of M618970019642690137450012331
1237940039285380274900034527 is a factor of M618970019642690137450017263
1237940039285380274900047127 is a factor of M618970019642690137450023563
1237940039285380274900053199 is a factor of M618970019642690137450026599
1237940039285380274900058239 is a factor of M618970019642690137450029119
  ***   at top-level: while(1,if(isprime(a)&&a%4==3&&
  ***                            ^--------------------
  *** isprime: user interrupt after 46,921 ms.

  ***   Break loop: type <Return> to continue; 'break' to go back to GP
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Just waiting for the thread title to morph.
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M&M's; you can't explain that!
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