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Oct 2008

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Question icon colors

So I installed v25.7 on my laptop and on my desktop -- an interesting experience and it seems to be working OK -- as far as I can tell without the v4 stuff migrated to v5, but one very puzzling thing: on the desktop (which runs a dual core AMP Athlon) the icon on the right end of the tray is red like it used to be, but everywhere else it's green which seems to be the new color; on the laptop (which runs a (single core) Celeron) it's green everywhere. They're both running XP Pro. I'm wondering if there's something that I need to remove that I missed. :surprised
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Oct 2008

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Default icon colors semi-resolved

After yet another reboot (for another reason) I got the "correct" green (aqua?) icon. I don't know why.
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Jul 2007

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The icon colors have been inconsistant for me since an early version 25, 25.3 maybe? Sometimes when the computer starts it is red, sometimes green. If it is red, I stop all the workers and continue them and it becomes green again. It is only wrong after the computer starts, any time I manually start/stop it is correct.
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