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Default Reported results as Anonymous - how to correct?

Hi all,

this must have happened before...

I reported back some TF results manually, but then discovered, I was not logged in. How can I rectify this?
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Contact George; he has an internal tool for transferring results.
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Originally Posted by blip View Post
this must have happened before...
If this becomes a periodic issue for you (like it did for me), for example if you lodge results at the same time of day every day, then I have an idea.
I am aware that you must be "logged in", but more particularly I have become aware that such "login" can be suddenly voided independently of any fresh "login" by the expiry of a prior established 48 hour cookie.
I am constantly vigilant for such nuisance cookie expiration, though it requires a special effort to know when that cookie is near expiration.
Such has been the apparent scheme of operation over recent months.
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