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Default PCs not connected to internet

What is the method to run Prime95 and get credit for the work on PCs that do not have internet access??

I have tried getting the assignments using my AMD Phenom II X3 laptop then transferring the datafiles over to my Pentium 4HT and/or Core2 for execution; then transferring them back to the laptop for check-in every 60 days. But when I do this, I get machine conflict messages (though maybe these are just warnings) and I have no idea how credit is applied based on machine (ie. P4HT, Core2 or AMD).

Is this what Manual Testing is intended for?? Does Manual Testing get assignment credits??

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Yes, you can use manual testing, and you will get proper credit for work done, except for a small known glitch when you do TF and find a factor. Just transfer what the manual assignments page gives you to worktodo.txt and return results.txt to the manual results page. There are instructions there.

P-1 is probably the most productive work to do for Primenet right now.

Someone else may know if you can transfer through a running copy of P95 on your laptop; it will require at least a separate directory and not allowing worker threads to start.

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I've been running for a while P95 on a number of boxes with intermittent to no access at all to the web. In general, my approach has been:

1. on a pc with web access, reserve exponents via manual testing (via the menu on the left), choosing your favourite piece of work (i.e. first-time tests, doublechecks, or else). If I remember correctly, with existing rules you get an allowance of 6 months per item, in order to complete your task. Copy/paste assignment lines to a text file.

2. transfer the text file to the non-connected machines (e.g. via an usb key). On every standalone machine, stop running prime95 and distribute assignments into their worktodo.txt, usually at the end. If you're running p95 on multi-core machines, you might want to distribute further your candidates between workers for an even load. Restart p95 and waaaait.

3. when a work unit is complete, transfer only the result.txt file to the pc with web access. Copy and paste the results in the box under manual test/results.

Only caveat: remember to login to before using manual test transactions, to have assignments appearing under your ID, and credits properly recognized at the end.

This way, you've no need to check-in periodically to keep your exponents assigned (up to the 6-months limit). AFAIK, there's no processor-tag for credits, i.e. you get the same credit for an exponent, in a way indipendent from the processor make/model/architecture (even though timings might be very different).

You might want to practice the above with some fast and low-cost exponent, such as TF above the 220M/230M base. Do not forget to login to the website for steps 1 and 3, if you want your results credited to you, and not to the greedy ANONYMOUS account.

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ECM with small memory (20M) is just a few hours; P-1 assignments give 4-5GHz days of credit, but require 300M of memory or more. GPUs are tearing up the town with all the TF they can do; 30Ghz days per day for a $100 mid-range GTX 440, though with some core involvement.
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