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Default Doing Cunningham numbers but messed up.

I've been doing Cunningham numbers on my Sempron for about a week, but I didn't realize until now that I had made a slight boo-boo.

I'm doing 45-digit numbers, but I was using guidelines from a different source for B1 and B2. I'm using B1=11e6 and B2=2.6e10 and the predicted curve count is 5500, which is much different from the Cunningham number page.

Honestly, I had simply assumed from my quick perusal of the page(where I missed the instructions) that this person was simply more thorough with their curve counts.

What should I do? (For the moment, I'm keeping my settings)
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Just report what fraction you did. Example:

When you did 55 of such curves, you can report 55/5500 = 0.01 for that specific digit level.
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