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Default prime95 active while logged out?

As you might have guessed from the title, I'm running prime95 and the OS automatically logs out
when the machine's been idle for a while. I'm not sure whether processes keep running after a log out.

Can someone tell me?
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For any machine that I want dedicated to Prime95 I change the setting so that the PC NEVER goes to sleep or hibernates.

If your Prime95 is set to "Start at Boot" would keep running even with a LogOut (I suspect that you do NOT have this setting as it is quite difficult to do so since Windows 7)

If it is set to "Start at Login" then I would suspect when the OS logs you out that Prime95 would stop.

One way to verify is to see the latest timestamp of the save files in the Prime95 Folder after a LogOut for a few hours or more.
There should be a new one created every half hour.
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The only way to do run GIMPS software when you are logged out is to install the Windows NT service version and run that instead of prime95.

You lose the GUI.
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Just to add a little on the NT Service option. Do not be afraid of losing the GUI. Put the service executable (ntprime64.exe) in the same folder where Prime95 is, and it will use the settings and everything as is configured in Prime95.

Just do not run both at the same time; if you need to change configuration, then stop the service, run Prime95 (or edit files manually). Then exit Prime95, and start the service back up.

Very convenient.
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