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Default Minor bug

I had Prime95 lockup on a machine. Whenever this happens, I like to be safe so I delete the most recent save file. When Prime95 restarts it renames the other save file and informs me that it did so.

In this case, I made a minor change to the machine, so when I restarted Prime95 it contacted the server to update the completion times before it renamed the save file. The problem is that since the most recent save file was gone, Prime95 computed the completion times based upon no work having been done on the current exponent. This, in turn, caused Prime95 to unreserve the last exponent in the worktodo file because it now thought the completion date to be too far in the future.

It might be better if the program could check for the second save file if it can't find the first one when computing completion dates. Or, if it is easier to code, have the program rename the second save file before it computes the completion dates.

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Interesting suggestion, maybe for v26.
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