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Default Factoring near-repdigit numbers

Hi guys, did you aware of this nice site maintaining factorizations of near-repdigit-related numbers? BTW, I've collected all composites from it to check them against factorDB which revealed 16 new factorizations (reported with as a source). Here are the full list as of 08/08/2021, total 20032 composites, feel free to factor them.
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yoyo occasionally works on them. You can check its status here.
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Yes, I browse it from time to time. Keeping track of ECM effort is really good and also showing the required SNFS parameters to proceed, if applicable.

I'd like to see a similar system at of tracking ECM work at factordb, it'd be quite helpful for sequences that are worked on by different people over time.
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Is there any interest to search the generalized near-repdigit primes to other bases? Especially the smallest generalized near-repdigit prime in base b of a given form xyyy...yyy or xxx...xxxy (where x,y are base b digits)?
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Near-repdigit tables were recently extended and there are many easy composites (started from snfs-140) -
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