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May 2003

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Default Power supply

I have been using a 350W power supply on my P4 machine. The other day, I noticed that my P4 was not operational-again. Last time this happened, it turned out to be the power supply. I'm suspecting the same problem again. Am I just not using a large enough power supply on the machine or something?
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May 2004
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How fast is the P4? o.O
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3.0 GHz, on an ASUS P4P800 (I think that's right), with 512MB RAM (Kingston HyperX)
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Jun 2004

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What VGA?
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SVGA, can't think of the resolution off the top of my head.
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I guess he wanted to ask for the graphics card.
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Not operational because of not turning on? Or because of stability issues. I'll just assume that it is not coming on, and that none of the leds or fans are getting power. In that case, yes, it is most likely the power supply.

3Ghz P4 - Max consumption @ stock speeds is ~89-92W
Asus P4P800 i865 Mb ~28-35W
512 DDR400 ~10-15W
Mid-range video card ~30-35W
1 HDD ~22-28W
1 Optical Drive ~20-30W
That comes out to be ~235 continuous output, which most 350W PSUs barely reach. A few of the better ones- like FSP, Antec, Enermax, Raidmax, and PCP&P will, but if you're using the generic one that came with your case, or one like it- it is probably time for an upgrade. Keep in mind that all power supplies are not created equal. Some 500W units of one brand may be less powerful than a 350W of anothre brand. I tend to stick to the companies that I know. I'd go for a 400+W unit of the brands that I listed, and pay specific attention to the 12V rail's rating since that is the one your system will most likely tax the hardest.
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