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Originally Posted by Uncwilly View Post
Well Parler has been breached and 70TB of data captured. Word of warning, don't drink anything while reading unless you plan on hydrating your screen,
The data might prove valuable to law enforcement since many who participated in the riots deleted their posts and videos afterward. The data scrape includes deleted posts, meaning that Parler stored user data after users deleted it.
Well, maybe. Depends on whether the data would be "legally obtained evidence." If it isn't, law enforcement can't use it, and probably couldn't even look at it. If they did, anything they developed from it would be inadmissible in court ("fruit of the poison tree"). If it's legitimate as a starting point, I suppose it's possible that its authenticity could be questioned in court.

From the WAPO article about the scrape,

Before it went dark, chief executive John Matze posted on the site that "violence and coordinating riots, coordinating rebellions and coordinating insurrections has no place on social media."
Your wish was Amazon's command. So why the heck are you suing them?

Matze posted that "the media tried to claim that 'The Insurrection' was organized on Parler." He added that Parler has no way to organize anything and that "bad actors" turned the Capitol protest into a riot.
This reminds me that in The Devil's Dictionary, the definition of Homicide includes the immortal phrase (my emphasis), "There are four kinds of homicide: felonious, excusable, justifiable, and praiseworthy,..."
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Funders: Something I noticed about 10 days ago. Cryptocurrency. Bitcoin was running above $41K USD per share. Then came the capitol riot. It dropped back $31K USD. It has came back up to $35K. I do not understand all that Wall Street jazz. This is a simple number plotted over time on a line graph. Anyone knowing how to use Excel, or similar, can do this.

What relevance this has to everything else, I have no idea.
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