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Originally Posted by tServo View Post
Linking two different web sites via links describes the very essence of the WWW. If you go back to the early 90s and read some of Tim Berners-Lee's ( and others ) documentation and descriptions this stands out loud and clear.
“I don't like linking to two separate websites for the same project.”
I should've been more clear. What I meant with that was that I prefer to send people only one official URL answering the why question. If they like the project they're immediately at the right address to create an account and download the files.

However, at the moment there is no why page on, so one has to use two different URLs separate from the main website (1, 2).
That's why I merged the content of these two pages above and use that URL on my own website, but I'd prefer if has a distinct why page for the reasons already mentioned.

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Originally Posted by Blackadder View Post
Particularly containing the following information:
Originally Posted by Blackadder View Post
The "To test the hardware" section should be updated to include the Intel Skylake bug:
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