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Default MATHS MUSINGS -I-Maths & Teaching Kung-Fu

Let me begin with a paradox: A good teacher does not teach.This is
best illustrated by the Kung Fu pic "Secret of the 36th Chamber". In this
the hero is a youth who pretends to be a Kung -Fu master but does not
know anything about this art.The monks who run the The Shao-Lin temple
observe that the hero has good potential.He is put through a test and then
charging him with some trumped up charges gives him the pseudo-punishment of putting up a bamboo fence on the wall skirting the training arena.From this
vantage point he is able to observe the fights going on below.By observation
and dexterity devedloped by knotting the bamboos and subsequent
practice he becomes an expert.

This is true of maths. All that a good student needs is exposure with
minimum guidance.
A.K. Devaraj

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