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Originally Posted by axn View Post
The smaller of the two has now appeared in Top5000 (
And now its bigger brother has also been proved -- this time with a single N-1 pass (
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Where can I find terms 14-21? I tried OEIS, but it only has 1-13, and The Prime Pages only have 22 and 23. FactorDB doesn't have them either, as far as I know.
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See post #9?

It has both: 1) all terms ("giving a man a fish"), and 2) advise to register for OEIS Wiki ("teach a man to fish").
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Originally Posted by arbooker View Post
Good idea. I've done nothing on that sequence, but it wouldn't be hard to adapt my existing sieving code for it.
Here's what I get quick and dirty for the first 19 k-values for A090475:
I would be grateful if someone could check these to make sure I haven't made any (more) stupid mistakes. I'll proceed with the computation of the next few terms, but it might take a while since I have a few other projects going.
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