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Originally Posted by Uncwilly View Post
Engineer speaks with forked tongue.
You are quoting two things that I wrote in different contexts. I don’t know if you are doing this on purpose or not - I suspect that you are, so I will comment no more.
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Less talking, more crunching. Point your mprime at the server and go read a nice book!
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Originally Posted by drkirkby View Post
It just seemed that it was wrong for Lisander Viaene to hog these, doing nothing, when others could be working on them.
That's an interesting take on things considering that there are millions of exponents waiting to be tested. I'm not sure where fairness comes into it. TF and PM1 assignments are frequently grabbed in large blocks. TF and PM1 used to be well ahead of the FTC checks, but then Ben Delo unleashed a huge amount of compute power on this project, and the PM1 couldn't keep up. That's why if you have a machine capable of it, you might find that it's doing PM1 as the first part of a PRP assignment.

A few months ago there was a logjam at the trailing edge of FTC when hundreds of exponents were assigned to one account and apparently had been abandoned, and all of cat 0 and a chunk of cat 1 were tied up because of this. This prompted discussion and some actions were taken, and one day all of those assignments were forcibly expired.

That delayed hitting certain milestones, but in the grand scheme of things, didn't really affect anything. There are plenty of exponents to test, and plenty of other types of work to be done, so fairness isn't really a factor. No-one's being deprived of anything. Stalled assignments affect the regular progression of milestones, which is why there are rules for assignments expiring. The rules aren't the same for TF and PM1 as they are for LL/PRP, but the general rule of no contact within 60 days triggering expiration applies to everyone if they are sufficiently close to the trailing edge.
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