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Cool The Man and the picture

Now here's an old perennial one in this part of the world.
A Man looked at a picture on the wall and uttered
"Brothers and sisters, I have none,
But this man's father is
my father's son.
Whose picture was it ?

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Originally Posted by mfgoode
Whose picture was it ?
Are we talking about legal ownership here? Assuming the guy recieved it as a gift it would probably belong to himself. OTOH if he has only borrowed it from someone else then it makes you start to wonder: Who does the man know who could have provided him with such a picture?
Since he has no family and pictures from strangers probably wouldn't be interesting to look at, the answer must be a friends or maybe several friends'

But then again: Perhaps the man does not even own the house in which we pretend the picture is... Perhaps it does not exist... Perhaps not even the man exists, but is only a part of a clever mathematicians creative mind. Considering that, my answer would be Xilmans

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Wink The man and the picture.

Ha! Ha! you may be right Omboo. Who knows?
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It's a picture of (one of) his son(s), but ownship of it is not necessarily known
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