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Default z1d instances are available (Xeon @ up to 4.0 GHz)

From 1 to 24 cores, from 16 GiB to 384 GiB memory respectively.

z1d instances are available in us-east-1 (N. Virginia), us-west-2 (Oregon), us-west-1 (N. California), eu-west-1 (Ireland), ap-northeast-1 (Tokyo), and ap-southeast-1 (Singapore). Not yet in us-east-2 (Ohio).

r5's are also mentioned, they're an updated version of the r4 (which is a higher-memory but slower counterpart to the c4, c5 series).

Note though that the z1d's have the same higher memory as the r's. The one-core version has 16 GiB, compared to the 4 GiB of the one-core c's.
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Mark Rose
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AWS' ECU for a 4 core z1d is 21, while it's only 17 for a c5.

But you can get more than double the c5 virtual cores for the same price as z1d.
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It's hard to say what level the spot prices will settle at when they're available in bulk in the cheap regions like us-east-2.

However the use case they are advertising is users who are paying per-core licensing to run commercial software, who might now be able to run on fewer, faster cores. So if your software costs are zero then it might not be cost effective.

Trying to raise the performance of Intel architecture has diminishing returns, in terms of cost and additional power consumption. So maybe it will always be cheaper for our purposes just to spin up a few more c5 instances instead.
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